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Why own an EV?

Lower Maintenance Costs 

Electric vehicles poses lower maintenance costs when compared to gasoline vehicles. Electronic vehicles have less parts and don't need things like oil changes and tune-ups. Individuals also save money on rising gasoline prices

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Greater market selections and tax credits

More major auto manufacturers are transitioning their new model cars to becoming fully electric. There are also federal and state tax credits available with the purchase of electric vehicles brings down cost of ownership.

Market Developments tackling range anxiety

Many auto manufacturers are creating new models with greater range available. This has been an issue with EV's for years. Many affordable manufacturers are introducing more models with 200 plus miles of capacity on a full charge.

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Public charging stations are becoming more common

Not only are we here at Community Charging attempting to tackle range anxiety and charging desserts but nationwide we see the market trending in the same direction. Investment in charging infrastructure is increasing from the private and public sector.

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Electric vehicles are better for the environment than cars that's have gasoline power engines. Electric vehicles have the potential to provide clean towns and cities by reducing air pollution. This is possible if the electricity powering these cars are coming from renewable energy power plants and not plants powered by fossil-fuels.

Save time and money

Ev's can save money for consumers in many ways. One is the amount of money saved simply by not purchasing gasoline and using electricity to charge a car. Another is the amount of money in the long run that consumers save because of less maintenance and parts needed with electronic vehicles. Ev's are becoming more affordable over the years as a result of market changes, innovation, and infrastructure adoption.

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