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EVmatch is a software application that enables a peer-to-peer charging network - privately owned EV charging stations can be rented out to the public, to tenants, employees, etc...it's very versatile!  EVmatch provides the sharing economy technology behind a community charger, allowing drivers to find, reserve, pay, and, charge for the use of community chargers. They enable access control to prevent free-ridership and offer a smart and affordable solution to owning and operating a community charger. 

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Keeling Curve grant

We have teamed up with EVmatch and the Keeling Curve Prize for Global Climate Change Mitigation to  fund community charger installations! We find local electrical contractors to help design and build the chargers, and the grant helps subsidize the cost of the project.


Electrification of Transportation Resources 

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Fully Charged

A great resource on EV information with a focus on inclusivity. They use platforms such as YouTube and podcasts to spread their organizations message.

Forth Mobility

A non for profit organization focused on advancing electric, smart, and shared mobility.


Electrification Coalition

This organization supports the deployment of electronic vehicles to combat economic, public health, & national security dangers of oil dependance. They are very focused on equity around EV adoption, infrastructure, environmental justice, and job creation.


An advocacy group advocating diversity in EVs.

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