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Sohel Chowdhury
Jun 30, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
What drives rental? Phone number list Content marketing is a discipline that requires sustained commitment. When someone at a company calls me saying they're ready to hire a content marketing manager, chief content officer, or editorial director, I always ask how compelled they feel phone number list to create a content team to follow in the competitors' footsteps. I want to know if the move is genuine or if it's about keeping pace with their peers. What types of content projects are you considering? It is important to determine whether a company plans to publish product-oriented content or idea-oriented content. I ask for specific examples of what they have in mind. If they come out phone number list of traditional marketing, they are programmed to think in terms of the 4 Ps, but I also want to know more about “perception” and “competence”. Can they demonstrate skill and knowledge and in doing so make their brand the smartest in this field? The only way to figure it out is phone number list to see if they recognize the phone number list difference between product-based marketing and idea-based marketing. What are your content goals? For example, do they want to be topical and topical, or post analyzes phone number list of long-term trends. Do they want their content to have a social impact? Questions like these indicate how much thought they have put into their strategy. It also helps me understand if they are interested in filling a content quota or phone number list making a lasting impact. Who is behind the recruiting effort? Is it just the phone number list CMO who believes in the phone number list importance of the role or is there real commitment from the C-suite? I'm trying to identify all internal champions. If it's just the CMO, any candidate I send will be doomed from the phone number list start. Who is on the team? Sometimes there are clear indicators of trouble ahead. They might say, “We have a lot of in-house writers, we can move on phone number list to this group.” They often refer to legacy marketing copywriters who aren't always adept at developing thought leadership. (This explains why so many media companies have opened content studios. Many large companies simply don't have the journalistic power that traditional media has access to.)
Are you ready to hire quality for your phone number list content team? content media
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Sohel Chowdhury

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